​​A Team Security Ltd



​​All our CCTV systems range from all different Brands, Analog and IP, including wireless camera systems. There are so many CCTV systems available for our clients choosing. 

Although we have major suppliers such as Panasonic, Samsung etc, there are all different smaller brand names that our clients can choose from. 

If our clients have already bought a system, we will gladly install and service it to our company standard.
​​​Most of our security systems also have smart home capabilities to give you a state of the art operating smart home. 

We can program our systems using interfaces to all appliances around the house or with the household electrical system to give you the smarthome you want. 

Intruder Alarms
​​Our alarm systems caters to any premises from residential homes to corporate buildings. Our house alarm brands vary from Paradox, DSC, Protege, Tecom and Concept/Integritti. 

We can cater to any other systems that our clients prefer. We will train our techs to provide the best quality and standard with any system that our client prefers.
Access Control
​​We have a wide range of access control systems, and stand alone door units to keep your premises secured. All our intruder systems have access control capabilities. 

We also install stand alone systems which only locks the door required and not connected to the intruder alarm although it can be connected if needed. Stand alone systems now can also be accessed by finger print besides the usual pinpad or access cards.
Security Guard
We also provide all types of guards, from protecting your property and bussiness or a personal guard for close protection.

Our team are also available to look after any type of  event varrying from fun festivals to corporate.